Friday, March 23, 2012

"Stick with what ya know"


I've been painting wildlife with acrylic paints in a realistic style for years. I was just sick of it, so I decided to change. I bought some oils and took a workshop from Carol Marine in December. I was bound and determined to paint loose and change my ways. Fast forward three months. I've decided, for the most part, to stick with what I know. After a couple months of frustration, I keep drifting back to acrylic and painting tighter. I am still determined to loosen up and not just stick to wildlife subjects.
I guess I should have labelled this post "bit off more than I can chew"

Here is an older painting I did that is hanging in our kitchen that I decided to auction off. My wife probably won't be happy with me if it sells. It's okay, though I'll just paint her another one.