Friday, August 1, 2014

"Cana Island Lighthouse"

Ahhhh, Door County, I love it up there! Yes, Last week I went up to Door County, Wisconsin to the annual Plein Air Festival. I rubbed shoulders with a lot of wonderful artists from around the country (well, at least met some). Such as, Gay Faulkenberry, Stacey Peterson, Brad Teare, and of course, my good friend Doug Braithwaite. I also, got totally inspired by watching many others paint. They make it look so easy. Doug and I hung out, cooked steaks at his trailer, laughed, got serious talking about "religion", lightened up, talked about art. It was a great time!

The first day I went over to Cana Island Lighthouse. When I got there, no one was around. I had the whole place to myself. I set up and started painting.

After awhile people started showing up and a nice couple, Jon and Patti Anderson. They both came over and watched me paint and we chatted. They said the guy in the lighthouse mentioned I was over painting "where all the snakes are, and garter snacks ...big ones"! Well, to say the least, it was a little hard to concentrate after hearing that. I hate snakes! But, I managed to paint this!

The great part is, later that day I received an email from Jon and Patti saying they wanted to purchase the painting. I love it when that happens. Thanks Jon and Patti!!

I had a great few days!! Here are a few more pics.